90’s Dance Music 12″ Collection – Volume 03

Here’s the third volume of the collection!!!

Years: 1992-1993-1994

The tracks included are mixes or remixes from the original 12″ maxi-singles.


This third volume is reviewing the period between 1992 and 1994.

In 1991, Thea Austin joined the line-up of Snap! and helped to write “Rhythm Is a Dancer”, which was planned to be the lead single from the second album. However, Turbo B hated the track (particularly the famous line “I’m as serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer”) and protested that “Colour Of Love” should be the first single cut from the album. He got his way and it was released in December 1991. It appeared to get lost in the Christmas rush, limping to number 54 in the UK, though it did fare better in Germany, climbing to number 9, as well as making it to number 6 in France and Sweden. The two producers insisted that they now go with “Rhythm Is a Dancer” and it was released as the second single in July 1992. With a backing-track inspired by “Automan” by early-80s electronic hip-hop band Newcleus, it went on to become their biggest hit yet, spending six weeks at number 1 in the UK, also topping the charts in France, Germany, Netherlands and Italy, and peaking at number 5 in the U.S. in early 1993.

After the release of Twenty 4 Seven’s debut album “Street Moves” in late 1990 and having taken it to top 5 chart positions in Europe and Great Britain, Tony left the group to return to his own solo project in Germany. He released a solo album titled “Love Is Not Sex” soon after which charted in the Top 10 all over the world including the United States. It was followed by three singles, the title track “More and More”, “All I Want” and “Only with You” (the track of this volume). In 1992 he worked with production team DMP, consisting (amongst others) of Manfred Eisele (stage name: Attack II), Jürgen “Nosie” Katzmann, Thorsten Adler, and Tom Keil to produce tracks for the next album Captain Hollywood Project. Tony worked with many different vocalists including his main singer Petra Speigal, and Nina Gerhard, the singer of the chorus of the first released single “More and More” and “Only With You”. Tony then dedicated the name suffix “Project” to his dancers. His new style was given the name “The Crew Lock”, a mix out of military movement and locking.

Jam & Spoon was an electronic dance duo from Frankfurt, Germany, that consisted of composers and producers Rolf Ellmer (aka Jam El Mar – classically trained composer) and Markus Löffel (a DJ, stage name: Mark Spoon). Their first international and commercial success came in 1994, with the singles “Right In the Night” (in this volume) and “Find Me” and “Angel”. These tracks featured vocals by the singer, Plavka Lonich.

It was another song that was to help Ace of Base’s career take off internationally. After hearing Swedish top 20 hit “Another Mother” by Kayo, the band decided that was exactly the sound they wanted to create. They contacted the song’s producer Denniz PoP and sent him a demo of a song called “Mr Ace”. Coincidentally, the tape got stuck in the cassette tape player in his car, so he was forced to listen to it over and over again, which helped him decide to produce the track. The song became “All That She Wants”, a dark fusion of dub-reggae with pop which became the band’s trademark sound. On release in October 1992, it quickly climbed to #1 on the Danish chart while the previous single was still sitting at #2. Keen to rush out an LP for the Christmas market, Mega Records pressed the band for an album and it was hastily recorded, mixed, and released within a few weeks.

Preceded by a single of the same name, the album, titled “Happy Nation” was an instant hit in Denmark, and its success prompted interest elsewhere in Europe. A Pan-European license was signed with Metronome/PolyGram (now Universal Music) but they were turned down by the American division. Within a few months, “All That She Wants” had reached number 3 in Sweden and had spent eight weeks at number 1 in Germany.

In May, “All That She Wants” continued to be a hit all around the world and topped the chart for three weeks in the United Kingdom. However, despite Mega Records’ hard efforts to secure a distribution deal in the United States the response was always the same: “this band will never work in the States”. Eventually, however, Clive Davis, founder of Arista Records, thought otherwise, and by the end of 1993 “All That She Wants” had made its way to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

CO.RO. with the colaborarion of Taleesa recorded the hit “Because The Night” a  remake of a  Patty Smith and Bruce Springsteen ‘s song that gave her a gold record in France and Germany and reaches the n. 1 position in almost every european country plus South America.

Haddaway’s break came in 1992 when he was signed by German label Coconut Records. His first single “What Is Love” rapidly became popular across Europe, reaching number 2 in Germany and in the United Kingdom, where it sold more than 500,000 copies. It later reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the music video, there is a cameo of Coralie Azaïs, his girlfriend at this time.

The real names under the producers of this project (Dee Dee Halligan & Junior Torello) are Tony Hendrik (also a pseudonym, whose real name is Dieter Lünstedt) and Karin Hartmann, the producers of Bad Boys Blue.

One year later the success of Dr. Alban with the hits  “Hello Africa” and “No Coke” was surpassed by the second album “One Love”. The album contained European hit singles such as “It’s My Life” (which was used as background music for a Tampax advert) and “Sing Hallelujah”. The single “It’s My Life” reached No.1 in Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and No.2 in Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom. While the song “It’s My Life” reached Platinum status in Germany (for sales of over 500,000 units), in the Netherlands (for sales of over 75,000), it managed to sell over two million copies in Europe. The album in its turn reached the top of the album chart in Austria and entered the top-5 in Switzerland, also managed to reach No.6 in Germany. The album received a Gold-certification-award in Germany (for sales of over 250,000 units) and Platinum-award both in Austria and Switzerland (for sales of over 50,000).

Although Ray and Anita (2 Unlimited) were sceptical about the “No Limits” DeCoster and Wilde wanted to push as the lead single from the act’s second album, “No Limit” was released in January 1993 and the repetitive nature of the song helped it become their most successful single ever, and by far the best remembered by the general public even now. The single topped the charts in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and in the United Kingdom where it sold 532,000 copies and ended up the fourth best-seller of 1993.

After Captain Hollywood left, things became really quiet around Twenty 4 Seven. Things were that quiet that Nance decided to take a job at a local supermarket, but producer Ruud van Reijen wasn’t planning to stop. He asked Nance to join the group again, and asked if she knew someone instead of Captain Hollywood. That’s were Stay-C enters the scene, Nance knew Stay-C from some concerts, were they both performed, Nance asked Stay-C. He was positive about it and joined the group. The first song they recorded together was “It Could Have Been You”. But this song didn’t become a hit at all. Slowly whole dancing Holland became infected by Twenty 4 Seven. “Slave To The Music” started slowly in the charts, but kept on climbing. And many weeks after it entrance it highest position in the charts. But the song didn’t stop at the borders of our country, no, it grew and grew. Where most of the eurodance stayed in west Europe and Japan.

Again Taleesa as lead singer of the Steffano Secchi project with the track “A brighter day”, a  remake of an  Eros Ramazzotti’s song titled “Una storia importante”. This cover also contains a sampling from “Master & Servant” Of Depeche Mode with the part “It’s a lot… it’s a lot”. Rumours tell that the cover was not authorized and an unspecified number of copies were removed…

Torsten Fenslau, who initially had a desire for becoming an architect, had been working as a deejay at the Frankfurt nightclub Dorian Gray for the past 11 years, when he decided to form Culture Beat.His first single, the ambient house track “Der Erdbeermund”, with a spoken vocal in German by Jo van Nelsen, peaked at No.11 in the German singles chart. Versions in English and French were also released (titled “Cherry Lips” and “Les lèvres cerises”, respectively). An instrumental version was also a club hit in the United Kingdom, where it reached No.55.

Shortly afterwards, Torsten recruited New Jersey-born rapper Jay Supreme and singer Lana Earl to front the act, Culture Beat. While the second single “I Like You” reached No.22 in the Netherlands, their fourth single “No Deeper Meaning” managed to reach as high as No.5 in the Netherlands. They released their first album, Horizon, in 1991 which went with only minor success.

Lana was replaced by British singer Tania Evans in 1993, and the act took a harder Eurodance sound. “Mr. Vain” became their biggest hit to date, reaching No.1 in 13 countries including Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom. It was also their first mainstream hit in the United States, peaking at No.17 on the Hot 100. The single was certified three times Gold in Germany for selling over 750,000 units, it also managed to reach a Gold status in several other countries including US.

Nina Gerhard was the lead singer of Captain Hollywood (as mentioned before) for the songs “More And More” and “Only With You” and also was the lead singer for the track “Honesty” by Intermission, but in 1994 under the producción of Nosie Katzmann and Cyborg/DMP GmbH (co-production) released the track “The Reason Is You” as a solo project.

And finally 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor was revived by the Boer brothers in 1994. Bobby joined Martin in his studio and, after some time, released the single Never Alone. This single was the first to be launched with rapper D-Rock and singer Desirée Manders (stage name: Des’Ray). The song “Dreams”, which the title song of the band’s first album, was a song that captured the essence of Eurodance. Due to the genre’s popularity when the song was released in 1994, the song became a hit both nationally and internationally. The band’s renewed style and concept was accepted well by Dutch audience. Never Alone topped the charts for weeks and went gold. Dreams, the band’s subsequent single, went straight to number one and remained on the charts for weeks and Let Me Be Free, its successor, remained in the top ten nationally for some time.


SNAP – Rhythm Is A Dancer [12” Mix] 5:14
(Benito Benites, John “Virgo” Garrett III, Thea Austin) 1992
Logic Records – 615 309
Produced Snap!

CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD PROJECT – Only With You [Dance Mix] 5:35
(Dietmar Stehle, Giora Schein, Oliver Reinecke, Nosie Katzmann, Tony Dawson-Harrison) 1993
Blow Up – INT 125.980
Produced by Cyborg DMP GmbH

JAM & SPOON – Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music) [12” Mix] 6:05
(Jam El Mar, Mark Spoon, Nosie Katzmann) 1993
JAM! – JAM 659855 6
Produced Jam El Mar, Mark Spoon, Nosie Katzmann

ACE OF BASE – All That She Wants [12 inch Version] 6:47
(Jonas “Joker” Berggren, Ulf “Buddha” Ekberg) 1992
Mega Records – MRCX 122517
Produced by Denniz Pop

CO.RO. feat. TALEESA – Because The Night [T.L.S. Mix] 5:20
(Bruce Springsteen, Patty Smith) 1992
Propio Records – PR 1001
Produced by  Mauritio Rossi, Paps

HADDAWAY – What Is Love [12” Mix] 6:42
(Dee Dee Halligan, Junior Torello) 1992
Coconut – 74321 12486 1
Produced by Dee Dee Halligan, Junior Torello

DR. ALBAN – It’s My Life [Extended Radio] 7:03
(Denniz PoP, Dr. Alban) 1992
SweMix Records – SWE T 45
Produced by Denniz PoP, Douglas Carr

2 UNLIMITED – No Limit [Extended Rap] 5:57
(Anita Dels, Raymond Lothar Slijngaard) 1993
Byte Records – BYTE 1201
Produced by Phil Wilde & Jean-Paul De Coster

TWENTY 4 SEVEN – Slave To The Music [Ultimate Dance Extended Mix] 6:11
(Ruud van Rijen, Stay-C) 1993
Indisc – 2000211
Produced by Ruud van Rijen

SECCHI feat. TALEESA – A Brighter Day [12” Mix] 6:01
(Adelio Cogliatti, Enmanuella Gubinelli, Eros Ramazotti, Massimo Gabutti, Piero Cassano) 1993
Propio Records – PR 1008
Produced by Stefano Secchi

CULTURE BEAT – Mr. Vain [Vain Mix] 6:34
(Steven Levis, Jay Supreme, Nosie Katzmann) 1993
Dance Pool – DAN 659152 6
Produced by Torsten Fenslau

NINA – The Reason Is You [Tranceformer Mix] 5:53
(Nosie Katzmann, DMP, Cyborg) 1994
Blow Up – INT 125.627
Produced by Nosie Katzmann, Cyborg DMP GmbH

2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR – Dreams (Will Come Alive) [Extended Version] 5:07
(Bobby Boer, D-Rock, Dancability) 1994
Lowland Records – 2001044
Produced by 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor


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