90’s Dance Music 12″ Collection – Volume 07

Here’s the seventh volume of the collection!!!

Years: 1992-1993-1994

The tracks included are mixes or remixes from the original 12″ maxi-singles.

01 PLAYAHITTY – The Summer Is Magic [Gambrinus Club Mix] 4:54
02 SAVAGE – Don’t You Want Me [Ice Original Mix] 6:20
03 ICE MC – It’s A Rainny Day [Euro Club Mix] 6:51
04 FUN FACTORY – Close To You [Trouble Mix] 4:35
05 G.E.M. – I Feel You Tonight [One Groove Version] 5:46
06 ACE OF BASE – Wheel Of Fortune [12” Mix] 5:26
07 MASTERBOY – Everybody Needs Somebody [Up & Down Mix] 6:09
08 HADDAWAY – Life [12” Mix] 5:52
09 U 96 – Love Sees No Colour [Extended Version 1] 6:00
10 TNT – Foolish Heart [Maxi Mix] 5:29
11 PRINCE ITAL JOE feat. MARKY MARK – Happy People [Bass Bumpers Remix] 4:22
12 2 UNLIMITED – Tribal Dance [Extended Dance] 5:14
13 TONY DI BART – The Real Thing [Original 12” Dance] 6:35
14 TALEESA – I Found Luv [Club Mix] 5:56


Playahitty was an Eurodance project created by producer Emanuele Asti who also wrote the songs in collaboration with Stefano Carrara. The voice of Playahitty was performed by Giovanna Bersola AKA Jenny B. and lipsync performed on stage and in the videos by a model called Marion. “The Summer Is Magic”, included in this volume, was indisputable their biggest hit.

Savage in 1994 released the single “Don’t You Want Me” on his own label Dance World Attack Records (DWA). He’s the producer of various of the famous artists of the 90’s eurodance, like Ice Mc, Double You, Data Rain, Alexia.

Ice MC also under the Robyx production released in this year one of his successful hits, in this case “It’s A Rainy Day” (included in this volume).

Fun Factory released in 1995 their second CD “Close To You”; Before its release, the lead singer Balja was replaced with Marie-Anett Mey. Balja can still be seen in the video to “Groove Me”, and her vocals are heard on the entire album. This album includes most of the songs from their first release, including several hits such as “Close To You” (included in this volume), “Take Your Chance”, “I Wanna B With U”, and “Pain”.

G.E.M. was an italian euro house act formes by Enrico Buatti, Germano Martucci and Martina that released in 1994 their biggest hit “I Feel You Tonight”, once year later they released antoher great hit “I Wanna Fly”. Spanish versions of these hits was recorded too.

“Wheel of Fortune” by Ace Of BAse was re-recorded and released as a single in Denmark in May 1992 but failed to hit the charts. A small-budget music video was shot and directed in a small studio by Viking Nielsson and in September, after two failures, the single finally reached the charts.

Masterboy released in 1993 one of his successful songs “Everybody Needs Somebody” from their 3rd album “Different Dreams” (1994), vocals were sung by Trixy Delgado (Beatrice Obrecht).

Hadaway released another of his biggest hits in 1993… “Life” reaching top number 2 in Germany and number 1 in Sweeden. The production is again under Junior Torello and Dee Dee Halligan (Tony Hendryk and Karen Hartman).

U 96 released in 1993 the album “Replugged” and it was inspired by the electro sounds of the 1980s and by ambient and disco music themes. It was less commercially successful than the first album, but provided a couple of Top 10 hits in “Love Sees No Colour” (included in this volume) and “Night in Motion”. “Love Sees No Colour” contained in the 12″ Maxi Single a “polemic” remix that reminds a lot of to the 80’s hit “Living On A Video” by Trans-X. Pascal Languirand didn’t seem like that idea and in the lyrics of a song of his new album “Trans-X’Xcess “, released that year, reflected that.

TNT was one of the dance projects by Dieter Bohlen (Modern Talking, Blue System, C.C. Catch) This time under the pseudonim of Fabrizio Bastino. One year later this song was recorded by his band Blue System with a different arrangements and lyrics.

Joe Paquette (May 5, 1963 – May 16, 2001), better known as Prince Ital Joe, was a Dominican-American reggae musician best known for his collaborations with Marky Mark and in 1993 released a hit tittle “Happy People”. Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark) first came to fame as the younger brother of Donnie Wahlberg of the successful 1980s and 1990s boy band New Kids on the Block. Mark, at age thirteen, had been one of the group’s original members, along with Donnie, Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, and Jonathan Knight. However, he soon quit. It was his departure that eventually allowed Joe McIntyre to take his place as the fifth member of the group.

Wahlberg began recording as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, earning a hit with “Good Vibrations” from the album “Music for the People”. The record was produced by brother Donnie and later hit No.1 on The Billboard Hot 100, later becoming certified as a Platinum single. The second single, “Wildside,” peaked at No.5 on Billboards Hot Singles Sales chart and at No.10 on The Billboard Hot 100. It was certified as a Gold single. Marky Mark opened for the New Kids on the Block during their last tour. The second Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch LP, “You Gotta Believe”, was not as successful as the prior, yielding only a minor hit single in the title track. Wahlberg later collaborated with the late reggae / ragga singer Prince Ital Joe on the album “Life in the Streets”. The project combined rap and ragga vocals with strong eurodance music (as in the singles “Happy People”, German No.1 hit United, Life in the Streets, and Babylon) courtesy of Frank Peterson and Alex Christensen as producers. In this volume is included the fabulous remix by Bass Bumpers.

Although Ray and Anita were sceptical about the track DeCoster and Wilde wanted to push as the lead single from the act’s second album, “No Limit” was released in January 1993 and the repetitive nature of the song helped it become their most successful single ever, and by far the best remembered by the general public even now. The single topped the charts in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and in the United Kingdom where it sold 532,000 copies and ended up the fourth best-seller of 1993.”Tribal Dance” was released as a single shortly before the album No Limits hit stores in May and it was number 1 in Spain and number 2 in Netherlands, Sweeden, Germany and Swizerland.

Tony Di Bart (born Antonio Carmine Di Bartolomeo, 27 April 1964, Maidenhead, England) is an English singer, who had a number one hit single in the UK Singles Chart, with his track, “The Real Thing” in 1994.Before his chart success, he worked at Cady & Son Ltd., and he had owned his own business, Cameo Bathrooms, in Iver, Buckinghamshire. He built his own recording studio above the shop, and recorded his biggest hit song, “The Real Thing”. Di Bart still performs his hits around local pubs and clubs in the UK.

Emanuela Gubinelli (Talessa) released a big hit in 1994 “I Found Luv” under Click Productions team, and by Giacomo Maiolini as executive producer. Brenner & Saraf (La Bouche, Le Click, Pearl…) together with her wrote the song.



PLAYAHITTY – The Summer Is Magic [Gambrinus Club Mix] 4:54
(Stefano Carrara) 1994
Wicked & Wild Records WWC 1007
Produced by Emanuele Asti.
SAVAGE – Don’t You Want Me [Ice Original Mix] 6:20
(Federico Di Bonaventura, Roberto Zanetti) 1994
DWA (Dance World Attack) – DWA 01.41
Produced by Robyx.
ICE MC – It’s A Rainny Day [Euro Club Mix] 6:51
(Robyx) 1994
DWA (Dance World Attack) – DWA 01.51
Produced by Robyx.
FUN FACTORY – Close To You [Trouble Mix] 4:35
(Bülent Aris, Rainer Kesselbauer, Toni Cottura, Rodney Hardison) 1993
Control – CON 4085-0
Produced by Positive Groove.
G.E.M. – I Feel You Tonight [One Groove Version] 5:46
(Roberto Zucchini) 1993
Propio Records – PRI 2002
Produced by Dr. Felix, G.E.M., Secchi.
ACE OF BASE – Wheel Of Fortune [12” Mix] 5:26
(Joker, Buddha) 1992
Mega Records – MRCX 122509
Produced by T.O.E.C.
MASTERBOY – Everybody Needs Somebody [Up & Down Mix] 6:09
(Enrico Zabler, Stephan Krauss, Tommy Schleh) 1993
Polydor – 859 267-1
Produced by Jeff Barnes, Rico Novarini.
HADDAWAY – Life [12” Mix] 5:52 (Dee Dee Halligan, Junior Torello) 1993
Coconut – 74321 15536 1
Produced by Dee Dee Halligan, Junior Torello.
U 96 – Love Sees No Colour [Extended Version 1] 6:00 (Ac-Beat, Bela Lagonda, Harry Castioni, Jeff Wycombe) 1993 Urban – 861 603-1 Produced by Matiz, AC 16.
TNT – Foolish Heart [Maxi Mix] 5:29
(Fabrizio Bastino) 1992
Hansa – 74321 11905 1
Produced by Fabrizio Bastino.
PRINCE ITAL JOE feat. MARKY MARK – Happy People [Bass Bumpers Remix] 4:22
(Alex Christensen, Frank Peterson) 1992
Ultraphonic – 4509-95293-0
Produced by Alex Christensen, Frank Peterson.
2 UNLIMITED – Tribal Dance [Extended Dance] 5:14
(Frederick Herman Martens , Raymond Lothar Slijngaard , Xavier De Clayton) 1993
Byte Records – BYTE 12020
Produced by Jean-Paul De Coster, Phil Wilde.
TONY DI BART – The Real Thing [Original 12” Dance] 6:35
(Andy Blissett, Luce Drayton, Tony Di Bart) 1994
Cleveland City Blues – CCB 15001
Produced by Rhyme Time.
TALEESA – I Found Luv [Club Mix] 5:56
(Ullrich Brenner, Amir Saraf, Enmanuella Gubinelli) 1994
Time – TIME 042
Produced by Click Production.

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