Sash! – Biography and Discography


Sascha Lappessen, Thomas “Alisson” Lüdke, and Ralf Kappmeier, created Sash! in 1995. The previous year, the three had worked together, under the name of Careca, to produce a piece called “Indian Rave”, which was a mildy successful song. In 1996, Sash! released “It’s My Life”, which became a European club hit. In 1997, with Sabine Ohmes as the singer, Sash! released “Encore Une Fois”. Described on Sash’s biography as “the big break”, it reached #2 in the UK Singles Chart, as well as reaching the top 10 of five countries’ singles charts, and the top 20 of seven countries’ singles charts.

In the same year, Sash! produced “Ecuador”, and “Stay”, which both also reached #2 in the UK Singles Chart. In 1998, Sash! released the first single from his second album album “La Primavera”, which reached #3, “Mysterious Times”, which reached #2, and “Move Mania”, which reached #8. The following year, “Colour The World” was sold, and it reached #15. In 2000, “Adelante” was released from the new album “Trilenium”, and it reached #2. “Just Around The Hill”, and “With My Own Eyes”, were also released in that year, reaching #8 and #10 respectively. “With My Own Eyes” became the last single released by Sash! in the United Kingdom for around 8 years. “Together Again” was the last single from the album, but was only released in Spain and Denmark.

In 2002, Sash! released his 4th album ‘S4 Sash!’. It produced three singles. “Ganbareh”, which was sung in Japanese (Ganbareh roughly translating as ‘Go for it’) reached number 3 in the Spanish charts. “Run” featured Boy George) and “I Believe” featured the vocals of TJ Davis. In 2007, Sash! released an album called ’10th Anniversary’, which was first sold in South Africa. In October 2008, the album was released in the United Kingdom, and attained #9 in the UK Album Chart. On June 20, 2008, Sash! was ranked #168 on the DJ List.

In 2008 Sash! produced “Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)”, in a collaboration with Stunt, and it reached #9 in the UK Singles Chart.

Sash! are the only act to have UK Singles Chart Hits in four different languages. These are “Encore Une Fois” (which was sung in French), “Ecuador” (which was sung in Spanish), “La Primavera” (which was sung in Italian) and many others including “Stay” and “Mysterious Times” (which were sung in English).

Sash! also tie with English singers Frankie Sandford and Rochelle Wiseman of The Saturdays and formerly of S Club 8 for the record of having more tracks (5) than any other artist reaching Number 2, without any of their tracks reaching number 1 in the UK music charts. (Encore Une Fois, Ecuador, Stay, Adelante and Mysterious Times)

Sash! is putting the finishing touches to his next studio album “Life is a beach” due for release in 2010[dated info] – the first single to be taken from the album is called “All is Love” featuring vocals by Jessy which is due to be released in Spring 2010,[dated info] an instrumental version of the track can be heard when entering the Sash! website after the initial “Raindrops” page.

In June 2010, he released 2 cd singles with Swedish-Nigerian pop-star Dr. Alban.



  • It’s My Life – The Album (09/1997)
  • Life Goes On (11/1998)
  • Trilenium (04/2000)
  • S4! SASH! (02/2002)
  • Life is a Beach (??/????)


  • Encore Une Fois – The Greatest Hits (10/2000)
  • 10th Anniversary (02/2007)
  • The Best Of (10/2008)


  • It’s My Life (1996)
  • Encore Une Fois (feat. Sabine Ohmes) (1997)
  • Ecuador (feat. Sabine Ohmes) (1997)
  • Stay (feat. La Trec) (1997)
  • La Primavera (feat. Patrizia Salvadore) (1998)
  • Mysterious Times (feat. Tina Cousins) (1998)
  • Move Mania (feat. Shannon) (1998)
  • Colour The World (feat. Dr. Alban & Inka Auhagen) (1999)
  • Adelante (feat. Peter Faulhammer & Adrian Rodriguez) (2000)
  • Just Around The Hill (feat. Tina Cousins) (2000)
  • With My Own Eyes (feat. Inka Auhagen) (2000)
  • Together Again (feat. Bl ÿjne) (2000)
  • Le Soleil Noir (feat. Sabine Ohmes) (2000)
  • Gambareth (feat. Mikio) (2001)
  • Run (feat. Boy)(2002)
  • I Believe (feat. TJ Davis) (2002)
  • Ecuador Reloaded (feat. Adrian Rodriguez) (2007)
  • Raindrops (feat. Stunt) (2008)
  • All Is Love (feat. Jessy) (2010)


  • CARECA – Indian Rave (1993)
  • UNITED DEEJAYS – Too Much Rain (1998)
  • GISAMI – The Sun Is Burning (1999)
  • BONEY M. VS. SASH! – Ma Baker (1999)
  • LACARA – Everytime We Touch (2003)
  • ISLA SAN JUAN – Las Cosas del Amor (2003)
  • LATINOVELA – Abeja Maya (2005)
  • DR. ALBAN VS. SASH! – Hello South Africa (2010)
  • DR. ALBAN & DR. VICTOR feat. CANTONA & SASH! – Hello Afrika (2010)


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