Sash! And Tokapi Remixes

Sasha Lappessen, Ralph Kappmeier & Thomas “Alisson” Ludke are SASH!; all together made a lot of great hits during the 90’s and in the beguinnig of the 00’s; Now they’re planning to release a new album tittled “Life Is A Beach”. They has made a lot of remixes along their career for other artist. I’ve tried this list to be as complete as I can (so if you know more remixes not included in this list, don’t hesitate to tell me. If you think there is anyone you think it’s not, tell me too).

Here’s a list about all the remixes made by Sash! (Sasha Lappessen, Ralph Kappmeier & Thomas “Alisson” Ludke) & Tokapi (Ralph Kappmeier & Thomas “Alisson” Ludke).

ARTIST – “Tittle” [Remixes] (Remixer)


  • EN-SONIC – “Stay With Me” [Tokapi Remix] (Tokapi)
  • FRITZ BRAUSE – Shilly Shally (Let’s Dance Tonight – 95er Remix) [Tokapi’s Raggadag Radio Mix; Tokapi’s Euro Attack Radio Mix; Tokapi’s Raggadag 12″ Version; Tokapi’s Euro Attack 12″ Version] (Tokapi)
  • HUGO & THE WICH – I Know It’s Heaven [Tokapi Remix] (Tokapi)
  • MAXCESS feat. CHEROKEE– Party Your Body [Tokapi’s Radio Edit; Tokapi’s Raggadag Remix; Tokapi’s Raggadag Radio Edit; Tokapi’s Trip To Spain Radio Edit; Tokapi’s Trip To Spain] (Tokapi)
  • PAMELA FERNANDEZ– Kickin’ The Beat [Tokapi’s Bust The Floor Mix; Tokapi’s Kicks It 2 Mix] (Tokapi)
  • RODRIGUEZ – Revolution [Tokapi’s Remix] (Tokapi)
  • SHEE– Do You Love Me [La Casa Di Tokapi House Remix; Dance Mix; Tokapi’s Eurobeat] (Tokapi)
  • THE BENZEDRINE MONKS OF SANTO DOMONICA– Losing My Reigion [Tokapi’s Radio Version; Tokapi’s Radio Edit; Tokapi’s Club Remix] (Tokapi)
  • ZOO INC.– Lay Down [Tokapi’s Raggagad] (Tokapi)
  • COSMIC & GFD – Blue River [Remix] (Tokapi)
  • FISH & CHIPS– All About Eve [Tokapi’s Golden Long Mix; Tokapi’s French Fried Dub; Tokapi’s Radio Edit] (Tokapi)
  • MAGIC AFFAIR– The Rhythm Makes You Wanna Dance [Tokapi’s Full On Vocal Mix; Tokapi’s Mystic House Of Music Dub] (Tokapi)
  • MASTERBOY– Anybody (Movin’ On) [La Casa Di Tokapi Rmx; Tokapi’s Club Dub] (Tokapi)
  • RAVING STAR – Wandrin’ Star [Tokapi’s Remix] (Tokapi)
  • RAVING STAR– Raving Star [Tokapi’s Radio Cut; Tokapi’s Wonder Mix] (Tokapi)
  • THOMAS ANDERS– Never Knew Love Like This Before [House Radio Edit; House Extended Mix; Lovelight Club Dub] (Tokapi)
  • 2 UNLIMITED – Spread Your Love [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • 2 UNLIMITED– Spread Your Love [Tokapi’s Radio Edit; La Casa Di Tokapi] (Thomas Lüdke)
  • BED & BREAKFAST– Falling In Love [Tokapi’s Radio Edit; Tokapi’s Long Edit; Tokapi’s Dance Mix] (Tokapi)
  • BOSSI – Work It Out [Tokapi’s Radio Edit] (Tokapi)
  • CULTURE BEAT– Take Me Away [Tokapi’s House Of Summer Mix] (Tokapi)
  • FISH & CHIPS– Rhythm Of Rain [Tokapi’s Radio Edit; Tokapi’s Club Dub] (Tokapi)
  • MAGIC AFFAIR– Energy Of Light [Tokapi’s Slammin Radio Edit; Tokapi’s Slammin 12″; Tokapi’s Tricky 12″; Tokapi’s Full On Vocal Radio Edit] (Tokapi)
  • MAGIC AFFAIR– World Of Freedom [Tokapi’s Radio Edit; Tokapi’s Extended Mix] (Tokapi)
  • MAGNIFICENT 4 – I Need Ya [Tokapi’s Remix] (Tokapi)
  • PARTY MUCHACHOS– Mallorca – How Are You? [Tokapi Goes To Malaga Remix] (Tokapi)
  • SASH! – Encore Une Fois [La Casa Di Tokapi] (Tokapi)
  • THE PIONEERS –  [Tokapi’s Slammin’ Radio Mix] (Tokapi)
  • YELLO– On Track [Tokapi’s On Track Mix] (Tokapi)
  • AZIZA – Crazy [Tokapi Extended] (Tokapi)
  • BEAM & YANOU – On Y Va [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • BRUCE WAYNE– Ready [Sash! Radio Mix; Sash! Mix] (Sash!)
  • DARIO G.– Sunchyme [Sash! – Rmx – Edit; Sash! – Rmx – Extended] (Sash!)
  • DR. ALBAN– It’s My Life [Sash! RMX; Sash! Rmx Long Version] (Sash!)
  • DR. ALBAN – Long Time Ago [Sash! Mix; Sash! Extended] (Sash!)
  • DR. ALBAN – Mr. Dj [Tokapi Sash! Mix] (Tokapi, Sash!)
  • DR. ALBAN – Mr. Dj [Tokapi Mix; Tokapi Extended Mix] (Tokapi)
  • HAPPY CLAPPERS– I Believe ’97  [Sash! Extended Mix; Sash! Edit] (Tokapi)
  • HEADROOM – How U Feel [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • JEAN MICHEL JARRE– Oxygene 7 [Sash! RMX Single Edit; Sash! RMX Extended] (Sash!)
  • JEAN MICHEL JARRE– Oxygene 10 [Sash! Edit II; Sash! Mix II; Sash! RMX – Maxi Version] (Sash!)
  • KADOC – Rock The Bells [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • KATANA– Erotmania ’97 [Sash! Remix Radio; Sash! Remix Extended] (Sash!)
  • KING-O – Invisible Man [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • MRS. WOOD – Joanna [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • NIKOLAI – Ready To Flow ’97 [Sash! Radio Mix; Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • PLASTIC VOICE – Los Niños Del Parque [Sash! Remix] (Tokapi)
  • SOULTANS – I Know [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • SPACE FROG – X-Ray (Follow Me) [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • TEMPOMAT– Blu Balloni [Sash Radio Edit; Sash! Long Version] (Sash!)
  • TODD TERRY – Something Goin’ On [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • VELVET – Show Me The Way [Il Mondo Di Tokapi Mix] (Tokapi)
  • VELVET – Show Me The Way [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • 2 UNLIMITED – Wanna Get Up [Sash! Extended] (Sash!)
  • BASIC CONNECTION– Angel (Don’t Cry) [Sash! Radio Mix; Sash! Extended Mix] (Sash!)
  • BOSSI– Time To Make The Floor Burn [Sash! Radio Edit; Sash! Extended Mix] (Sash!)
  • GEORGEOUS – Love Sensation [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • HORNY UNITED– Somebody Scream [Sash! Extended Mix; Sash! Radio Edit] (Sash!)
  • ISAAC HAYES– Shaft ’98 [Sash! Single Edit; Sash! Extended Mix] (Sash!)
  • ISABEL– The Rhythm Id Magic [Tokapi’s Radio Edit; Tokapi’s Club Mix] (Tokapi)
  • KYLIE MINOGUE – Breathe [Sash! Club Mix] (Sash!)
  • LAVINIA JONES– Sing It To You [Sash! – Extended Mix; Sash! – Instrumental Mix; Sash! – Radio Edit] (Sash!)
  • NANCE– Miss You! [Radio Version; Extended Version] (Sash!)
  • ORCHESTRAL MANEOUVRES IN THE DARK– Enola Gay ’98 [OMD vs Sash! Radio Edit; OMD vs. Sash!] (Sash!)
  • PARADISIO– Vamos A La Discoteca [Ibiza Radio Edit; Ibiza Remix; Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • RICK MORAINE – Never Ending Story [Dance Mix] (Tokapi)
  • SADIA– This Trip Is Out Of Control [Tokapi Mix; Tokapi Mix – Long Version] (Tokapi)
  • SAVAGE GARDEN– I Want You ’98 [Sash! Radio Edit; Sash Extended Remix] (Tokapi)
  • TERRA W.A.N.– Oye Como Va [Sash! Radio Edit; Sash! Remix] (Tokapi)
  • TERRA W.A.N.– Oye Como Va [Tokapi’s Radio Edit; Tokapi’s Extended] (Sash!)
  • TWO PHUNKY PEOPLE– Space The Base [Sash! 7 Inch; Sash! Extended] (Sash!)
  • UNITED DEEJAYS FOR CENTRAL AMERICA– Too Much Rain [Sash! vs. Bossi Mix] (Sash!)
  • ATB – Don’t Stop [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • BONEY M. vs SASH!– Ma Baker  [Extended Radio Edit; Disco Dub Edit; Tokapi Radio Edit] (Tokapi)
  • DARIO G.– Voices [Sash! Radio Edit; Sash! X-Tended Mix] (Sash!)
  • TERRA – Pressure [Tokapi Mix] (Tokapi)
  • TINA COUSINS– Killin’ Time ’99  [Sash! Radio Edit; Sash! Maxi Mix] (Sash!)
  • BEATNICKERS – Been A Long Time [Sash! Da Houze Mix] (Sash!)
  • DANI– The Meaning Of Love [Sash! Remix; Sash! Remix Instrumental] (Sash!)
  • MARTILLO VAGO– Por Qué No [Tokapi’s Club Mix; Tokapi’s Love Mix] (Tokapi)
  • TERRA W.A.N.– Nightmare Of A Broken Heart [Sash! Da Houze Radio Mix; Sash! Da Houze Mix] (Sash!)
  • E-TYPE–  Africa [Tokapi’s Radio Edit; Tokapi’s Extended Version] (Tokapi)
  • ISLA SAN JUAN – Amistad [Dance Mix] (Sash!)
  • FUNKSTAR DELUXE – When I Think Of You [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • ANNAKIYA – I Think We’re Alone Now [Sash! Mix] (Sash!)
  • ANNAKIYA – I Think We’re Alone Now [Thomas Alisson Endless Summer Mix] (Thomas Lüdke)
  • TAUSKI– Taas Nuori Oon [Sash! Remix; Sash! Extended Mix] (Sash!)
  • VIRPI– Kuuma Kesä [Sash! Remix; Sash! Extended Remix] (Sash!)
  • KINDERVATER – Ordinary World  [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)
  • KINDERVATER – Ordinary World [Alisson & Turner Remix] (Thomas Lüdke & Turner)
  • LE VERNISAGGE – Gonna Make You Sweat [Sash! Remix] (Sash!)

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