90’s Dance Music 12″ Collection – Volume 08

Here’s the eighth volume of the collection!!!

Years: 1993-1994-1995

The tracks included are mixes or remixes from the original 12″ maxi-singles.

01 CABBALLERO – Hymn [Trance Club Mix] 6:34
02 DJ SYLVAN – Guitar Spell [Original Mix] 5:00
03 FRANCIsKANO’S – Gregorio’s [Piano Mix] 5:43
04 PIROPO – The Dream Is Just On My Mind [Original Extended Mix] 5:18
05 MAXX – Get Away [Club Mix] 5:37
06 ALADINO – Brohters In The Space [Analog Big Power Mix] 5:47
07 U96 – Night In Motion [12” Version] 4:55
08 BLUE SYSTEM – Operator [New Recorded Long Version] 5:20
09 SAVAGE – Don’t Cry Tonight [E.U.R.O. Mix] 4:57
10 MO-DO – Eins, Zwei, Polizei [Gendarmerie Mix] 5:16
11 DUE – Under The Same Sun [Extended Mix] 6:12
12 DA BLITZ – Let Me Be [-The Jade- Remix] 5:34
13 ICE MC – Dark Night Rider [Long Version] 6:38
14 NETZWERK – Memories [Extended 12” Mix] 6:32


Cabballero is the musician ‘JaíMa and is produced by R. Ribeiroa and Ricco Raggazzi. They feature the lyrics and voice of Cabballero and female studio vocalists Christina Safrani & Sara Pola. According to the booklet of the “Elements” album, the members are: Cabballero, (Rap, Lead vocals) Serena M “Pearl” (rap, (background vocals, Live performing), Kristy B (background vocals, Live performing), Zlata K “Swat” (background vocals, Live performing, dancer). The first singles were released under the Shift Music label for ZYX Music.

The project started back in late 1994 with the euro-trance style hit “Hymn” which was a cover version of the 80s group Ultra Vox (originally released in 27th November 1982). “Hymn” was released in France under the “Do It Music” label. In 1995 Hymn entered Top 10 in Israel (more precisely # 4) and Germany, and peaked # 1 in Spain and Italy for 12 consecutive weeks. After great success with live performances and media attention, the producers decided to keep on making euro-versioher hit in the dance-floorsns to the Ultra Vox hits.

Ricardo Vazquez Llanes was a spanish dj under the name of Dj Sylvan; they did another projects like Aldus Haza, Dr. Eno, Face Of Freedom and Sevenebb. “Guitar Spell” was his first and succesfull hit.

Franciscano’s was a “Ten Production” project produced by the spanish producers and musicians Xasqui Ten & Toni Ten. The Project was directed by Francesc Pellicer. “Ten Production” has released another projects like Alex, Company, DJ Positivo, Essential, Good Bytes, Mission, Objectors, Red Dance, Ross, Scanners, Spectrum, Speed Limit, Square, T-Code, XTM & DJ Chucky.

Piropo was a pub from Cullera (Spain) that released since 1993 to 1997 five maxi singles by Bol Records, an Spanish label distributed by Kong Records. “The Dream Is Just On My Mind” was one of hist succesful hits.

Maxx was a German Eurodance act who had major, albeit brief, international success in 1994. After having already recorded a German cover version of Snow’s “Informer”, rapper Boris Kˆhler teamed up with the producer and songwriter Juergen Wind, Frank Hassas (Quickmix), David Brunner (Hitman) and Olaf Jeglitza to produce “Get-A-Way”. Jeglitza moved on to other projects, including Real McCoy. Kˆhler, under the stage name of Gary B, performed the ragamuffin rap, and a female singer Samira Besic produced the vocals for the chorus. It was a dancefloor hit all over Europe, peaking at No. 11 at their home of Germany, while entering the top-5 in the UK, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands, the single entered the top-10 in Switzerland and Norway. “Get-A-Way” eventually reached a Gold status in Germany for selling over 250,000, and in UK, it was certified with a Silver-certification-award for selling over 200,000 units. Samira Besic, who had at the peak of Maxx’s career left the act for a solo career, was replaced by Linda Meek.

Aladino was an italian project producced by Giacomo Maiolini. “Brothers In The Space” was together with “Make It Right Now” the more successful hits of this projects and both songs were sung by Taleesa.

Together with “Love Sees No Colour”, the track “Night In Motion” (included in this volume) was another great hit in 1993 by U96, that was a project by Alex Christensen… the name comes from the film “Das Boot” about the German submarine “U-96” from the Second World War.

Blue System was a German pop group that was founded by Dieter Bohlen in 1987 after the break-up of Modern Talking. The group consisted of Dieter Bohlen (composer, producer, arranger and main vocals), and hired backstage musicians Rolf Kˆhler (main vocals in refrains), Michael Scholz (background vocals), Detlef Wiedeke (background vocals) and other background and/or front female voices unknown to the public. “Operator” was one of the first dance-floor productions for the band, the other singles edited at the moment was more synth-pop style like “Sorry Little Sarah”, “Under My Skin”, “Silent Water”, “My Bed is Too Big”, “Deja Vu”, “Love is such a lonely sword”and many others were very popular in Europe as well as Africa and Asia.

Savage in 1983 released his most succesful song all over the world “Don’t Cry Tonight” and in 1994 togehter with “Don’t You Want Me”, another hit in the dance floors, re-mixed the song…

Mo-Do is the pseudonym used by the Italian musician Fabio Frittelli. Mo-Do appeared in the 90’s as an Italian Eurodance band. Despite being Italian, Mo-Do’s songs are in German. Mo-Do was formed when Frittelli met the producer Claudio Zennaro and it’s probably best known from the single “Eins, Zwei, Polizei” (co-produced with Claudio Zennaro and Fulvio Zafret) which reached #1 in the German, Austrian and Italian music charts.

Due was an eurodance act produced by the team of M.V.S. ‘Due’ stands for ‘Dance Universal Experiment’ and later led to the creation of the label DUE Records (Dance Universal Experiment). Due was formed by Alessia Aquilani, Claudio Mingardi, Gianluca Vivaldi, Riccardo Salani and in 1994 they released a great song tittled “Under The Smae Sun”.

Da Blitz was an italo-dance project born at the end of 1993 and dead in 1998, formed by Simone Pastore (the musician) and Viviana Presutti (the singer) and produced by Massimo Gabutti and Luciano Zucchet. After many years of silence, they come back under the new name D.B. Reloaded. One of their successful hits was “Let Me Be” (included in this volume).

Here,in this volume I have included another great song by Ice Mc… In the refrains you can hear Alexia…

Netzwerk was an eurodance act from Italy. The production team of Netzwerk was composed of Fulvio Perniola, Gianni Bini, Marco Galeotti and Maurizio Tognarelli. Their first single was “Send Me An Angel”, a cover of the famous Real Life hit from 1983. Sandra Chambers provided the vocals for Netzwerk’s first two singles (“Send Me An Angel” and “Breakdown”) and then left to release two singles on her own and provide vocals for the Corona project. The latter singles were sung by Simone Jackson. Both “Passion” (1994) and “Memories” (1995) (included in this volume) became worldwide club hits.


CABBALLERO – Hymn [Trance Club Mix] 6:34 – (143,9 bpm)
(William Lee Currie, Chris Cross, Midge Ure, Warren Cann) 1994
Shift Music – SFT 0035-12
Produced by Ronald Ribeiroa, Ricco Raggazzi.

DJ SYLVAN – Guitar Spell [Original Mix] 5:00 – (143 bpm)
(R. Vazquez, Nancy Seven, J.E. Gómez) 1994
Moon Records – M005
Produced by Moon Records.

FRANCIsKANO’S – Gregorio’s [Piano Mix] 5:43 – (130 bpm)
(Xasqui Ten , Iván Muela) 1994
Emi – 8601132
Produced by Ten Productions.

PIROPO – The Dream Is Just On My Mind [Original Extended Mix] 5:18 – (129 bpm)
(Jose Maria Piqueras) 1993
Bol Records – BOL 16.11
Produced by Beto Alberola, Balbi, Juanvi Alberola.

MAXX – Get Away [Club Mix] 5:37 – (99,7 bpm)
(Hitmen, Dakota O’Neill, Dawhite, George Torpey, Gary Bokoe) 1993
Dig It Al Mark – ALX 114
Produced by The Movement.

ALADINO – Brohters In The Space [Analog Big Power Mix] 5:47 – (140,2 bpm)
(Silvio Perrone, Diego Abaribi, Mauro Marcolin, Valerio Gaffurini) 1994
Italian Style Production – ISP 1205
Produced by Giacomo Maiolini.

U96 – Night In Motion [12” Version] 4:55 – (124,6 bpm)
(AC Beat, Bela Lagonda, Harry Castioni, Jeff Wycombe) 1993
Urban – 859 335-1
Produced by Matiz, AC 16.

BLUE SYSTEM – Operator [New Recorded Long Version] 5:20 – (133 bpm)
(Dieter Bohlen) 1993
Hansa – 74321 14791 1
Produced by Dieter Bohlen, Luis Rodriguez.

SAVAGE – Don’t Cry Tonight [E.U.R.O. Mix] 4:57 – (132 bpm)
(Roberto Zanetti) 1994
DWA (Dance World Attack) – DWA 01.23
Produced by Robyx.

MO-DO MO.DO – Eins, Zwei, Polizei [Gendarmerie Mix] 5:16 – (144,9 bpm)
(Claudio Zennaro, Fulvio Zafret, Mario Pinosa, Sergio Portaluri) 1994
Plastika – PLA 3017
Produced by Claudio Zennaro.

DUE – Under The Same Sun [Extended Mix] 6:12 – (129,9 bpm)
(Bruce Earl Fairbairn, Klaus Meine, Mark Hudson) 1994
DWA (Dance World Attack) – DWA 01.26
Produced by Claudio Mingardi, Gianluca Vivaldi, Riccardo Salani.

DA BLITZ – Let Me Be [-The Jade- Remix] 5:34 – (134 bpm)
(Gianfranco Randone, MTJ Capuano) 1994
Extra Records – XTR 1010 MX
Produced by Luciano Zucchet, Massimo Gabutti.

ICE MC – Dark Night Rider [Long Version] 6:38 – (134,9 bpm)
(Claudio Mingardi, Gianluca Vivaldi, Riccardo Salani) 1995
Spotlight Records – SPTP0332
Produced by Robyx.

NETZWERK – Memories [Extended 12” Mix] 6:32 – (140 bpm)
(Fulvio Perniola, Gianni Bini, Marco Galeotti, Maurizio Tognarelli) 1995
DWA (Dance World Attack) – DWA 01.68
Produced by Netzwerk.


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