90’s Dance Music 12″ Collection – Volume 14

Here’s the thirteenth volume of the collection!!!

Years: 1997-1998-1999

Styles: Euro House, Trance.

The tracks included are mixes or remixes from the original 12″ maxi-singles.

01 AQUA – Roses Are Red [Extended Version] 5:57
02 S-J – I Feel Divine [Tall Paul Mix] 8:22
03 ALEXIA – Uh La La La [Almighty’s Mighty Mix] 6:24
04 SASH! – Encore Une Fois [Future Breeze Mix] 6:26
05 BEAM & YANOU – On Y Va [Original Mix] 5:31
06 FUTURE BREEZE – Why Don’t You Dance With Me [Club Mix] 5:20
07 SHERYL LEE RALPH – In The Evening [Full On Vocal 96] 7:07
08 MISTRAL – Your Woman [Tinseltown Mix] 5:32
09 GALA – Freed From Desire [Full Vocals Mixx] 4:12
10 ICEHOUSE – Hey Little Girl ’97 [Xtended Edit] 5:01
11 RED 5 – Da Beat Goes… [Club Mix] 5:38
12 BERRI – The Sunshine After The Rain [Two Cowboys Club Mix] 4:25
13 FAITHLESS – Insomnia [Monster Mix] 8:36

Here’s the 14th volume of the collection with tracks between 1996 and 1998 and with styles like Euro house or trance. This trip will be through Australia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK…

Icehouse, an Australian rock band, formed as Flowers in 1977 in Sydney. Initially known in Australia for their pub rock style, they later achieved mainstream success playing new wave and synthpop style music and attained Top Ten singles chart success in both Europe and the U.S. The mainstay of both Flowers and Icehouse has been Iva Davies (singer-songwriter, record producer, guitar, bass, keyboards, oboe) supplying additional musicians as required. The name Icehouse, which was adopted in 1981, comes from an old, cold flat Davies lived in and the strange building across the road populated by itinerant people. In 1997 they revisited one their classic hits “Hey little Girl” with styles like Euro House or even Trance…

From Denmark is Aqua, that in this volume is include their first single as Aqua… they first were called Joyspeed and their real first single was “Itzy Bitzy Spider”. The single failed to become popular and after one week at the lower end of the Swedish charts it disappeared completely.The track in this volume is “Roses Are Red”. This song has a peculiarity, and is that one of the phrases most repeated along the song (“Dam-di-da-di-dam…”) is reproduced upside-down… This track is also included in their first album, a dance song with a distinct pop sound. It was released in Denmark in September 1996, and was expected to break into the Danish top ten. The single far surpassed all expectations set by the label, though, and stayed in the charts for over two months, eventually selling enough copies to be certified platinum. The success of the single was further proven when Aqua received a nomination for “Best Danish Dance Act”, although the group did not win. The instant success of “Roses Are Red” proved to Aqua that their new sound was popular with the public, and as a result their follow-up single followed the same formula.

From Germany we have this time to Sash!, Beam & Yanou, Future Breeze, Red 5 and Faithless.

In 1996 Sash! with the colaboration of Sabine Ohmes as the singer, released “Encore Une Fois”, described on Sash’s biography as “the big break”, it reached #2 in the UK Singles Chart, as well as reaching the top 10 of five countries’ singles charts, and the top 20 of seven countries’ singles charts.

Beam & Yanou formed by Michael Urgacz & Yann Pfeifer, they released their frist single “On Y Va” (included in this volume) in 1997. The 12″ single includes remixes by Sash!, Kosmonova and Da Bomb.

Future breeze formed by Markus Boehme (born July 1972) and Martin Hensing (born January 1973), the German electronic ensemble became involved in the local dance music field after sending a demo to Klaus Derichs and Marc Romboy at the independent label Alphabet City. Future Breeze’s first hit single, “Read My Lips,” was released soon after. Markus Boehme attended organ classes while Martin Hensing learned how to play flute, before both began programming music on a home computer to create their first electronic tracks under the name of Synthetic Compulsion. After releasing “Why Don’t U Dance With Me?” (included in this volume) and the chart-topping “Keep the Fire Burning,” Serge Menga joined them later to produce “How Much Can You Take?”.

Red 5 was one of the dance projects of the german producer Thomas Kukula. “Da Beat Goes…” was the first single of this project and maybe the most successful.

Faithless were a British electronica band consisting of Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo. The group is best known for their dance songs “Insomnia” (in this volume), “God Is a DJ” and “We Come 1”. Faithless recorded six albums. During their career they sold over 15 million records worldwide. The band have now officially split up. “Insomnia” the track included in this volume has a par t with a peculiar “pizzicato” sound were many people say that Sash! was inspired to compose “Encore Une Fois”… another people maybe ca say that it simply was plagiarism…

From Italy we have two very well known artists… Alexia and Gala.

Alexia this time with “Uh La La La”. The included mix in this volume is an Almighty’s Remix.

Gala is a New York-based Italian singer-songwriter who is referred to by her fans as a cult dance artist. She is best known for her songs Freed From Desire, Let a Boy Cry , Come Into My Life, Suddenly, Everyone Has Inside and Faraway. In 1996 she was voted Best Female Singer of the Year in Italy by the official monthly magazine Musica e Dischi. In July 1997 she was awarded with the “Italian Dance Award” as the best pop-dance artist of the year. Gala has achieved Platinum recording awards in France and the Benelux and a Gold record in the United Kingdom where she reached number 2 and was 15th best selling single of 1997. The same year she was nominated for the “Best Dance Act” at the “Mobo Awards” in the UK alongside: Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Orbital.

Mistral was an spanish production by Jordy Luque and Quim Quer that made a very good dance cover of the single by the indian musician Jyoti Mishra with his project White Town…

Finally from UK we have to Shery Lee Ralph and Berri…

Ralph began her career on the stage and was nominated in 1982 for a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her role as Deena Jones in Dreamgirls. In 1984, Ralph released her only album “In the Evening”, in which the title track hit peaked at #6 on the Billboard chart that same year. Originally produced by Trevor Lawrence, in 1996 Gary Miller and Martyn Norris remixed her classic hit for the dance-floor.

Berri, her real name is Rebecca Sleight with his hit “Sunshine After The Rain” that in 1995 were remixed by Two Cowboys. The track was originally released in 1994 as New Atlantic / U4EA Feat. Berri.

…And this is the end of the trip this month! Enjoy the music with these dance-floor tracks!



AQUA – Roses Are Red [Extended Version] 5:57 – (140 bpm)
(Claus Norreen, Hartmann & Langhoff, Lene G. Nystrøm, René Dif, Søren Rasted) 1996
Produced by Hartmann & Langhoff.
Universal – MCD 85007

S-J – I Feel Divine [Tall Paul Mix] 8:22 – (136 bpm)
() 1998
Produced by Sunshine Blondell – Robyn Smith – Remix by Tall Paul.
Orange Records – ORCDM 53450

ALEXIA – Uh La La La [Almighty’s Mighty Mix] 6:24 – (130 bpm)
(Alexia, Robyx) 1997
Produced by Robyx – Remix by Almighty.
Dance Pool – ALEX1CDX

SASH! – Encore Une Fois [Future Breeze Mix] 6:26 – (133,5 bpm)
(Ralf Kappmeier, Sascha Lappessen, Thomas Alisson) 1996
Produced by Sash!, Tokapi – Remix by Future Breeze.
Mighty – 573 285-2

BEAM & YANOU – On Y Va [Original Mix] 5:31 – (141 bpm)
(Michael Urgacz, Yann Peifer) 1997
Produced by Michael Urgacz, Yann Peifer.
Electronic – 7243 8 84144 2 5

FUTURE BREEZE – Why Don’t You Dance With Me [Club Mix] 5:20 – (135 bpm)
(Markus Boehme, Martin Hensing) 1996
Produced by Markus Boehme, Martin Hensing.
Urban – 575 801-2

SHERYL LEE RALPH – In The Evening [Full On Vocal 96] 7:07 – (132 bpm)
(Frank Musker, Trevor Lawrence) 1996
Produced by Trevor Lawrence – Remix by Jon Dixon, Martyn Norris.
Mega Records -MRCXCD 2868

MISTRAL – Your Woman [Tinseltown Mix] 5:32 – (138 bpm)
(Mishra) 1997
Produced by Jordy Luque, Quim Quer.
Blanco y Negro – MX 801

GALA – Freed From Desire [Full Vocals Mixx] 4:12 – (129 bpm)
(Filippo Carmeni, Gala Rizzatto, Maurizio Molella) 1996
Produced by DJ Molella & Phil Jay.
Nitelite Records – NL 9606

ICEHOUSE – Hey Little Girl ’97 [Xtended Edit] 5:01 – (135,9 bpm)
(Ivor Arthur Davies) 1997
Produced & Remixed by Christopher von Deylen, Steven Kaye
Control – 0042405 CON

RED 5 – Da Beat Goes… [Club Mix] 5:38 – (137 bpm)
(Thomas Kukula) 1996
Produced by Thomas Kukula.
Dance Street Records – DST 1461-8

BERRI – The Sunshine After The Rain [Two Cowboys Club Mix] 4:25 – (134 bpm)
(Ellie Greenwich) 1995
Produced by Richard Lloyd – Remix by M. Braccagni & R. Gallo Salsotto, Two Cowboys.
Ffrreedom – 850 203-2

FAITHLESS – Insomnia [Monster Mix] 8:36 – (126,9 bpm)
(Maxi Jazz, Rollo & Sister Bliss) 1995
Produced by Rollo And Sister Bliss.
Cheeky Records – CHEKCD.017


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