90’s Dance Music 12″ Collection – Volume 15

Here’s the fourteenth volume of the collection!!!

Years: 1993-1994-1995

The tracks included are mixes or remixes from the original 12″ maxi-singles.

01 FIRST BASE – Love Is Paradise [Dance Mix] 4:30
02 B.G. THE PRINCE OF RAP – The Colour Of My Dreams [Dreamidnight-Mix]5:25
03 NEVADA – Take Me To Heaven [Club Mix] 5:17
04 UNIT – Live It Up [Club Mix] 5:44
05 REGGY O. – Let The Music Play [Freestyle Club Mix] 5:48
06 SIRIUS – This Is My Life [137 Bass Kick Mix] 5:56
07 LOFT – Hold On [Respect Maximum Mix] 5:25
08 THE FREE – Dance The Night Away [Extended Version] 6:17
09 TEXTURE – The Power Of Love [Club Mix] 4:54
10 TEN MINUTES – Le It Be [Maxi Version] 5:25
11 NIGHT PEOPLE – In The Night [Extended Club Mix] 5:21
12 GROOVECULT – Midnight Dream [Midnight Hour] 5:44
13 MA RADSCHA AND THE SHAM – Right Now [X-tended] 5:03
14 SWANN – I Love My Life [Main Room Mix] 6:17


Welcome to this 15th volume of the collection!!!

We’re gonna back to the years 1993, 1994 & 1995 remembering great eurodance projects from Canada , Germany, Italy and Netherlands…

Ride on the dance time-machine once more, close your eyes and enjoy the sounds and the rhythms of this magic tunes!!!

From Canada is FIRST BASE…

FIRST BASE was a German Eurodance project created in 1995. Band members are female vocalist Christina Safrani (who goes by the stage name of Viktoria), rapper Michael Williams AKA MC Flash, and producer Mike Wonder AKA DJ Wondermike who’s credits include remixes for various artists including No Mercy.

Back in 1995, the group released their first single on Beam Records entitled “Love Is Paradise” that as its producer said it was made with only a sampler, two synths and a reverb unit… For some reasons, that track did not make much of a stir and for the most part left unknown. In January 1996 the song was released by BMG (Canada) on a CD compilation called Club Cutz Volume 7, instantly becoming a mega hit. This song was also nominated for the Best 1996 Song in First Annual Euro-Energy Cyberspace Awards.

The success of this track proned BMG Canada to release it on another compilation called Groove Station 3. In the US, it was released on the RCA compilation Club Cutz 2.


Bernard Greene (B.G. THE PRINCE OF RAP) born in Washington DC. He began to be interested in rap music and started to perform in rapping competitions in Frankfurt. He won several which gave him his stage name “The Prince Of Rap”. His first official single, “Rap to the World”, scored big in German clubs. It was followed by “Give Me The Music” and “Take Control Of The Party”. A first official album followed, “The Power Of Rhythm” in 1991.

The sucess story really began with the growing popularity of Eurodance. “This Beat Is Hot” and “Can We Get Enough” started to be played in North America. “The Colour Of My Dreams”, a collaboration with Paris Red, was probably the biggest hit of that period (1994). All further singles and albums were mostly unnoticed.

UNIT was a project by the german team production DMP and they released under this name two singles, “Live It Up” (in this volume) and “Move Your Body” featuring Red Bone.

REGGY O. made the cover “Let The Music Play” originally recorded in 1984 by SHANNON.

SIRIUS was formed by Christian Leibl And Eric Martin. This dance project with only one single released was very successful in 1994. One of its members (Eric Martin) was the legendary Еx “Technotronic” performer “MC Eric” and an UK establish dance producer.

LOFT was a German Eurohouse group and it stands for ‘Live Our Fathers Teaching’.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, the Williams brothers came to Germany with the US Army. While in Nürnberg, they were hired to front the new project of Cyborg DMP GmbH / Nosie Katzmann already working on Captain Hollywood Project.

Their first single was “Summer Summer” in 1993. Featuring the vocals of Gina Mohammed, the song first became a hit in Europe and in Canada the following year.
“Hold On” (included in this volume), sung by Kim Sanders, received more attention. The group Fun Factory even used the same melody for their hit single “Close To You” (1994). Remixes of “Hold On” permitted the track to survive in clubs.

Following singles “Wake The World” and “Love Is Magic” generated enough interest for an album to be produced. Vocalist Lori Hölzel AKA Lori Glori completed the opus, which fitted in the Eurodance parameters of the era.

Their second album, “Future World”, was released in 1995 with Sandra Steinborn and Christiane Eiben on vocals. “Mallorca” (1996) was the last single produced by the Cyborg / Katzmann team.
Recent singles were produced by Andreas Hüging / Michael Abbing and featured the vocals of Sue.

THE FREE was an eurodance group formed in 1994 by Felix J. Gauder and Olaf Bossi, the producers of Das Modul. The performers were Charles Simmons, the frontman and singer, and Iris Trevisan, who left for health reasons in 1995. She was replaced by Ayla J. (Alida).

The Free have had big hits with “Born Crazy”, “Lover On the Line”, “Dance the Night Away” and later “Loveletter from Space”.

GROOVECULT was a dance project formed by Markus Mohr and Michele Moretti. They released four singles their second single is the track included in this volume.
MA RADSCHA AND THE SHAM formed by Ollie Stan and Tobias Maack. They released two singles “Right Now” and “Cuckoo 4 Your Luv”.


NEVADA formed by Giordano Trivellato, Giuliano Sacchetto, FX, JQ Jay and Giovanna Bersola was an italian Eurodance act, mainly produced by Giordano Trivellato and Giuliano Sacchetto. They were later joined by Alex Baraldi. The first single of Nevada was “Take Me To Heaven”, released in june 1994 in Italy and later the same year in Germany. Giovanna Bersola and rapper FX were on vocals.

Further singles “Make My Day” (featuring JQ Jay), “Don’t U Bring Me Love” (1995) and “Feels Like Heaven” (1996) got lost in the saturated market of Eurodance.

The very last single of Nevada tried to surf on the Robert Miles wave with “I Dream Of You” in 1997. Ricky Romanini and Stefano Marcato were on the production team. But it didn’t help and the project ended.

TEXTURE was formed by Barbara Marani, Alessandro Perrone and the were an italian dance-house project and they covered famous international hits into club and dance tracks. Their first single was “The Power Of Love” (included in this volume).

NIGHT PEOPLE was an italian dance project formed by Francesco Contadini and Fulvio Zafret. They released three singles, and the first of them was “In The Night” (included in this volume).

SWANN was a dance project formed by Antonio Puntillo, Francesco Scandolari, Roberto Arduini and Suzy Dal Gesso They only released one single that is the included in this volume.

And Finally from Netherlands is TEN MINUTES…

TEN MINUTES was a geman dance project formed by Hans Alberts, Thorsten M. Wild, Michael Bolte. The first single “Let It Be” (included in this volume) was recorded at M Studios, in Cologne. The second single “Your Toy”, was their best release and it’s featuring the voice of Tina Jones. The last single “It’s Your Love” it’s featuring the voice of a vocalist called Yasmin. In both their last singles, they mention a support by the Toys’r’Us company, maybe they composed a music for one of their TV commercials?

A very rare but excellent single was released only on vinyl under the label Prefix, licensed in Spain under Boy Records, it was entitled “Love”.

…And that’s all for this 15th volume! Any cooment you want to reply, suggestion or anything about this volume is welcome, so don’t hesitate to do it bellow!



FIRST BASE – Love Is Paradise [Dance Mix] 4:30 – (142,9 b.p.m.)
(Mike Wonder, Mr. Cobra, Ralph “Valentino” Orth)
Produced by DJ Wondermike.
(P) (C) 1995 Beam Records – 74321 26626 1

B.G. THE PRINCE OF RAP – The Colour Of My Dreams [Dreamidnight-Mix] 5:25 – (136 b.p.m.)
(B.G. The Prince Of Rap, Jam El Mar, Morrison Long, Stefan Benz)
Produced by Jam El Mar, Stefan Benz.
(P) (C) 1994 Dance Pool – DAN 660289 6

NEVADA – Take Me To Heaven [Club Mix] 5:17 – (136,8 b.p.m.)
(F. Merkx, Giordano Trivellato, Roberto Signorelli)
Produced by Nevada.
(P) (C) 1994 Italian Style Production – ISP 1263

UNIT – Live It Up [Club Mix] 5:44 – (140 b.p.m.)
(Joachim Reis, Joerg Wagner, Ulrich Buchmann, John Davis)
Produced by DMP, Toneway.
(P) (C) 1994 Maad Records – 4509 98618-0

REGGY O. – Let The Music Play [Freestyle Club Mix] 5:48 – (132,9 b.p.m.)
(Chris Barbosa, Ed Chisolm)
Produced by “E” Harmonix, Eckert & Hartmann.
(P) (C) 1993 ZYX Music – ZYX 7156-12

SIRIUS – This Is My Life [137 Bass Kick Mix] 5:56 – (137,3 b.p.m.)
(Chris Craft, Eric B.)
Produced by Chris Craft.
(P) (C) 1994 Dance Pool – DAN 660381 6

LOFT – Hold On [Respect Maximum Mix] 5:25 – (133 b.p.m.)
(Attack II, Giora Schein, Nosie Katzmann, Courtney Williams, Richard Williams)
Produced by Cyborg DMP GmbH.
(P) (C) 1993 RCA – 74321 17418 1

THE FREE – Dance The Night Away [Extended Version] 6:17 – (152,9 b.p.m.)
(Felix J. Gauder, Olaf Roberto Bossi, Charles Simmons)
Produced by Felix J. Gauder, Olaf Roberto Bossi.
(P) (C) 1994 Dance Pool – DAN 661193 6

TEXTURE – The Power Of Love [Club Mix] 4:54 – (134,1 b.p.m.)
(Milano, Matahari, Cerin, Selenia)
Produced by Hot Line Records.
(P) 1995 Hotline Records – HOT 105

TEN MINUTES – Let It Be [Maxi Version] 5:25 – (132,1 b.p.m.)
(Ten Minutes, Hans Alberts)
Produced by Jack In A Box.
(P) (C) 1993 Electrola – 7243 8 81048 6 9

NIGHT PEOPLE – In The Night [Extended Club Mix] 5:21 – (139,9 b.p.m.)
(F. Contadini, F. Zafret, D. Sion, N. Dyer)
Produced by Deep Out Production.
(P) (C) 1994 Dance Master Records – 100 710-12

GROOVECULT – Midnight Dream [Midnight Hour] 5:44 – (144,4 b.p.m.)
(Dj Bizt, Michelle, Moretti, Stefan Benz)
Produced by Groovecult.
(P) (C) 1995 Dance Pool – DAN 661243 6

MA RADSCHA AND THE SHAM – Right Now [X-tended] 5:03 – (142 b.p.m.)
(Martin Petersman, Redd Tobby, Paul Paisley)
Produced by Martin Petersman, Redd Tobby, Paul Paisley.
(P) (C) 1994 MCA Music Entertainment GmbH – MCT 32329

SWANN – I Love My Life [Main Room Mix] 6:17 – (140 b.p.m.)
(Roberto Arduini, Suzy Dal Gesso)
Produced by Roberto Arduini, Suzy Dal Gesso.
(P) (C) 1995 Union Records – UNION 023


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