90’s Dance Music 12″ Collection – Volume 14

Here’s the thirteenth volume of the collection!!!

Years: 1997-1998-1999

Styles: Euro House, Trance.

The tracks included are mixes or remixes from the original 12″ maxi-singles.

01 AQUA – Roses Are Red [Extended Version] 5:57
02 S-J – I Feel Divine [Tall Paul Mix] 8:22
03 ALEXIA – Uh La La La [Almighty’s Mighty Mix] 6:24
04 SASH! – Encore Une Fois [Future Breeze Mix] 6:26
05 BEAM & YANOU – On Y Va [Original Mix] 5:31
06 FUTURE BREEZE – Why Don’t You Dance With Me [Club Mix] 5:20
07 SHERYL LEE RALPH – In The Evening [Full On Vocal 96] 7:07
08 MISTRAL – Your Woman [Tinseltown Mix] 5:32
09 GALA – Freed From Desire [Full Vocals Mixx] 4:12
10 ICEHOUSE – Hey Little Girl ’97 [Xtended Edit] 5:01
11 RED 5 – Da Beat Goes… [Club Mix] 5:38
12 BERRI – The Sunshine After The Rain [Two Cowboys Club Mix] 4:25
13 FAITHLESS – Insomnia [Monster Mix] 8:36

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90’s Dance Music 12″ Collection – Volume 11

Here’s the eleventh volume of the collection!!!

Years: 1996-1997-1998

The tracks included are mixes or remixes from the original 12″ maxi-singles.

Here we are again to make the 11th trip to the magic sounds of 90’s eurodance hits! we’ll travell this time through the ’96, ’97 & ’98 years…

From Germany are Supertrip, Heath Hunter & The Pleasure Company with their summer hit “Revolution In Paradise”, Sash! once again, this time with his great “Mysterious Times” with the colaboration of the british singer Tina Cousins and 2 Eivissa, the german project by Team 33 (Luis Rodriguez, co-produced of Modern Talking and all the Dieter Bohlen projects) with their smash european hit “Oh La, La, La”.

From Italy are Alexia with her hit “Gimme Love”, Vestania, Neja with her “Restless”, Jhava (very similar to Corona) and the very well-known Whigfield, this time with “Givin´ All My Love”.

From Denmark Aqua with their smash hit “Barbie Girl”, Daze, Squeezer and Amber with the production of the Berman Brothers.

And finally from Belgium with the production of Patrick Samoy and the colaboration of the Spanish singer Marisa Garcia is Paradisio with their summer hit “Bailando”.

We’re ready to beguin once more the trip… Close your eyes and ride on your own time machine and enjoy the magic of its sounds and rhythms.

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90’s Dance Music 12″ Collection – Volume 10

Here’s the tenth volume of the collection!!!

Years: 1994-1995-1996

The tracks included are mixes or remixes from the original 12″ maxi-singles.

We have reached to the 10th volume of the colection and this volume we’re reviewing part of the smash hits of the “Euro-dance” music  between 1994 and 1996… We’re almost to the top of the decade to finally reach in december the year 1999, but don’t be afraid, it won’t mean the end of the collection! we’ll continue backwards again to reach once more the year 1990!!!

In this volume we’ll find artists very well-known in the collection like Corona, Captain Hollywood, Fun Factory, Whigfield, Taleesa and G.E.M., but there is artist not included yet in the collection like the spanish projects Sensity World and Cherry  Coke or the remixed spanish version of Rochelle, an american artist from US. Another new artist are Nightcrawlers, Sin With Sebastian and Jesse Lee Davis, that I’ll try to include in future volume his great smash hits.

Enjoy this new trip into the “time machine” of the 90’s and remember the magic sounds and rhythms!

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