The last post!!!

Hi to everybody!

Yes, as the tittle says… this is the last post! but please, don’t worry about it!!! this doesn’t mean a goodbye…

Since I create this blog, I did it with the illusion to share with all of you the music that made us dance through many years till 1990… that magic sounds and rhythms… At the begging I had enough time to write and publish at least one volume every month with its comments and credits… but every time that spare time was fading away and I had almost given up this blog… something I don’t like… Before renewing the subscription with WordPress I was reconsidering whether to do it or not … and then I did it! I don’t know if I’ll do it with the next… so before you lose all this work and stop sharing with you all this wonderful music I have considered the option to continue publishing through a Facebook group, with which I hope to publish more regularly more volumes. In this group you can comment and say whatever you want about this music, ask for suggestions …

As volumes have progressed has been becoming more difficult to comment extensively each one…. as groups and soloists have been hopelessly repeating itself, and new each time have been more “unknown” and therefore harder to find information … that is why they have been decreasing my comments … 

Desde ahora podeis seguir el gupo en Facebook, y para disfrutar de los volumenes “sin restricciones”… simplemente unirse al grupo en Facebook….

Todos los que ahora estais suscritos a este blog os espero en el grupo…


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