Mixes Of A Disc

Most of you maybe have a lot of Maxi Singles and Cd-Maxis where are included different versions of a same song. Each mix is named of different ways to differentiate them by style or  remixer (among others), so I’ll try to explain you the most common names found to denote a mix…

Recording a disco is neccesary the different tracks which are recorded separately by the different Instruments and voices of a synchronized way. Once recorded all the tracks is necesary to realize the final mixture with each of the tracks and it consists of calibrating the volume, ecualización and effects.

Radio Version / Album Version

Commonly named 7 inches for the size that these discs of vinyl have. This mixture is thought to be used in a promotional way in the radio stations or also to be included in the album. It is a compact mixture reducing the time of the different instrumental parts of the disc. The total duration of this mixture does not overcome 4 or 5 minutes.

Maxi Version

Also named 12 inches for the size that these discs of vinyl have. This mixture is thought to be used by the disc-jockey since it offers multitude of possibilities for a clean mixture with another maxi-single on having included instrumental parts and breaks. The quality of the sound also is improved in the final mixture; the volume and the ecualización are retouched to obtain a sound heightened and clear possible.

Instrumental Version

This is the mixture where the track of the voice is annulled. On some discs we can find that some instrument replaces the voice.

Dub Mix

This is an instrumental version with small fragments of voice that are appearing sporadically adding different effects, as echo, vocoder, delay…

Club Mix

This is the version created for the discotheque and it includes several central breaks thought to facilitate the mixture. It’s a new recording that lengthens the original version including unpublished fragments.


All the tracks are annulled except that of the voice.

Bonus Beat

All the tracks are annulled except that of the percusión.


This is the version mixed and done by another musician (usually called “remixer”) that included only the vocal track and sometimes any other instrumental track; the rest of the tracks are totally different, most of time the result is a song with a different style than the original.


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